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Taekwondo Licensed Club
Partner With The World’s Largest Professional Kombat Taekwondo Organization.
Enjoy These Great Benefits
License Your Club
Enable Club owners to partner with Kombat Taekwondo.
Licensed Club Listing
Licensed Club are listed on our official website.
Wholesale Access
We offer exclusive access to Kombat Taekwondo apparels and equipment.
Club License Certificate
Join the ranks of excellence and proudly display your partnership with Kombat Taekwondo.
Kombat Taekwondo Flag
Receive a free Official Kombat Taekwondo Flag for being part of our licensed club.
Exclusive Access
Free or Discount access to Kombat Taekwondo education series and seminars.
Black Belt Certification
Receive access to Kombat Taekwondo black belt certification.
Club Recognition Awards
Eligible for Club Recognition Awards for Instructor, Coach, and Competitor.
Vip Access
VIP access to all Kombat Taekwondo championships – two tickets per event.
Kombat Taekwondo Manager and Promoter opportunity in your area/region.
Featured on Media
We featured our licensed clubs through Kombat Taekwondo media partners.
Educational Events
Eligible to host Kombat Taekwondo sanctioned camps, seminars, trainings and other educational events.
Discover Our Licensed Club Requirements
In order to become a certified Licensed Club you need to meet our minimum requirements:
Must have a dedicated full time physical Taekwondo club (No YMCA, Health Clubs, etc.…).
Must have a Taekwondo Club website & social media page(s).
Must offer minimum one class a week dedicated to Kombat Taekwondo training.
Club Owner/Instructor Requirements:
  • Minimum 21 years old.

  • Minimum holder of 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo.

  • No criminal records.

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