Kombat Taekwondo Highly Values Inclusivity

We welcome all styles of Taekwondo fighters, regardless of their background, organization, and politics, providing a platform for everyone to thrive.

At Kombat Taekwondo, athletes are provided with exceptional opportunities and abundant resources, paving the way for personal growth and triumphs that extend far beyond their competitive years. The ultimate mission is to nurture and develop Global Taekwondo superstars who will be recognized and admired by the public, while simultaneously revolutionizing the entire Taekwondo industry.

Past decades, the world of taekwondo has undergone a transformation, aligning Taekwondo more closely with Olympic sports movements, which has resulted in a significant alteration of its essence. Today’s sport Taekwondo no longer fully embodies the true spirit of Taekwondo fighting. The introduction of complicated rules, an electronic scoring system,  and the associated costs have led to a departure from its traditional nature.
However, Kombat Taekwondo takes a decisive step towards reclaiming and preserving the treasured traditional skills and techniques that define the essence of Taekwondo.

It embraces Taekwondo as a martial arts combat rather than merely a sport, aiming to restore its authenticity.
The vision behind Kombat Taekwondo is ambitious and groundbreaking, aiming to not only uphold the true essence of the martial art but also provide unwavering support to the athletes and coaches who devote themselves to its practice. By doing so, Kombat Taekwondo seeks to leave a profound impact on the world of Taekwondo, shaping it into a realm where tradition, excellence, and enduring legacy thrive.

In February 2023, Kombat Taekwondo came into existence under the visionary leadership of Mr. Rick W. Shin, the former Secretary General of the Pan American Taekwondo Union.

Although President Rick W. Shin was the driving force behind the inception of Kombat Taekwondo, it was the collaborative spirit and unparalleled expertise of a dedicated team that laid the foundation for its swift and significant growth. Each member stands as a cornerstone, holding an indispensable role in the organization. Their strong collective dedication is the reason Kombat Taekwondo has experienced such a meteoric rise in its early stages.

These are founding members of Kombat Taekwondo League in chronological order:

  • Mr. Chuong Pham, Mr. Robert Quon, Mr. Marcelo Rezende – Rules & Regulations Development
  • Mr. Raul Pinzon Salamanca – Legal Counsel
  • Mr. Claudio Aranda – CEO, Mas Taekwondo
  • Mr. George Hristescu – CEO
  • Mr. Marius Slav – Chairman of Operations
  • Ms. Elva Adams – Rules & Regulations Development

Kombat Team

Rick W. Shin
George Hristescu
Claudio Aranda
Vice President
Marius Slav
Chairman of Operations
Raul Pinzon Salamanca
Legal Counsel
Chuong Pham
Chairman of Events
Kombat Taekwondo Investors
Kombat Taekwondo stands as a privately-held enterprise, thriving on the sustained support and substantial contributions from a cohesive alliance of individual investors and corporate entities. This collaborative network has not only facilitated the company’s financial foundation but has also driven its momentum with a robust financial backings by group of individuals and entities.
For all investment inquiries, please contact us at rws@kombattaekwondo.com
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